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Teeth Whitening

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  • 1 h
  • 550 Trinidad & Tobago dollars
  • Barataria

Service Description

Guaranteed 3 to 8 shades lighter. Painless & 100% safe. Best results with clean teeth- brush & floss prior. FAQ 1. Does it hurt? No it does not. Actually, even persons with the most sensitive teeth have 0 issues with this procedure. 2. Is it safe? Yes. The whitening gel is made of carbamide peroxide which is actually found in toothpaste! It is FDA approved and is known to be the safest agent for whitening. 3. Is it permanent? Yes, and no. If you never eat foods with staining ingredients again, your results will be permanent. Since this is near impossible, overtime foods will naturally stain your teeth, and you may notice discoloration months ahead. You can help maintain your new white smile by brushing and flossing immediately after every meal. 4. Do you also clean teeth? We only offer whitening for cosmetic purposes. We do not perform any other dental services. 5. Can this whiten crowns/veneers? No it cannot.

Contact Details

  • Zi - The Beauty Spa, Second Street, San Juan, Trinidad and Tobago

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