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Eyelash Extensions
Course Outline

Duration: 2 days 

Prerequisites: None

Certification: Classic (Please be advised that you cannot learn volume extensions until you have been trained in classic)

Cost: $3000 TT

Daily Breakdown

Day 1

(approximately 4hrs)

10:45 am - 11:30 am: Theory

11:30 am - 2:45 pm: Practical 

Day 2

10:45 am - (until): Practical (on Model)

Students are required to bring their own model. Please note that the time of class will be determined by the time you take to work on your model. 

Certification will be awarded at the end of day 2. 

Kit Contents

1 Eyelash Extensions Virtual Manual

1 Lash Adhesive (Glue)

1 Packet of Under-Eye Pads 

1 Lash Tape

1 Lash Bath

1 Packet of Glue Rings 

1 Packet of Mascara Wands 

1 Pair of Lash Tweezers

1 Mixed Tray of C Curl Lashes

1 Mixed Tray of D Curl Lashes


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