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Volume Lash Extensions


Upgrade your service list with Volume Extensions! This practical workshop was created specially for certified Classic Lash Artists. With an intimate class setting, we focus on individual attention with no more than 1-2 students per class. 

Choose any date below for your first session. Date of your 2nd session will be confirmed after registration.


Cost: $4000 TT

Requirements: Classic Lash Certification (must have mastered classic application)

Duration: 2 Days 

Location: 9 Avenue First, St James.

Dates: April 23rd, April 27th, April 28th

Kit included*


Workshop topics include:

- Introduction to Volume Eyelash Extensions

- Fundamentals of Volume Extensions

- Fan Making Technique 1

- Fan Making Technique 2 

- Styling / Mapping

Kit Includes:

- Volume Lash Trays

- 1 x PRO Volume Tweezer 

- 1 x PRO Isolation Tweezer

- 1 x Adhesive

- 1 x PRO Lash Mirror

- 1 x Lash Tape

- Undereye Pads

- Lash Wands

- Glue Holders


Nb. Time varies based on date, and will be given to you when completing registration.

Payment Deadline: April 15th

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