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Influencer/ Ambassador Agreement

You will be required to:

  • Maintain a loyal relationship with our brand. You cannot represent any similar companies while being a Zi -The Beauty Bar Brand Ambassador.

  • Mention @zibeautybar in your bio.

  • Create high quality content.

  • Engage with Zi- The Beauty Bar's posts as much as possible (comment, like etc).

Content Creation & Posting:

This refers to content created by you (after/while having your services done). This does not include re-shared content

Instagram Stories            At least 2 per week

Instagram Main Page      At least 2 per month 

On Appointment Days     At least 3 Instagram stories/vlogs should be created

  • Content can be in photo/selfie or video format.

  • @zibeautybar must be tagged and mentioned in all posts.


This agreement begins immediately on submission, and runs for one quarter (3 months). 

The following are a few common reasons why we might remove someone from our program:

  • Failure to fulfill posting requirements

  • Deleting submitted posts. Posts on your main profile must remain visible for the duration of agreement

  • Representing companies that offer similar services (lashes, whitening, nails, pedicures, intimate lightening, chemical peels)


  1. Free lash set (any set worth up to $900 TT)

  2. Free maintenance fills (1 - 2 per month)

  3. 1 Free additional service per month 

  4. Free products for promotional purposes

  5. Monthly payment (effective month 2) 

At the start of this agreement, you will be given an exclusive discount code to share with your followers which rewards them 10% off any service. You will also be eligible for rewards 1-4. From month 2, you will begin receiving a monthly income based on commission from sales you generate through your unique discount code.

Payment will be made via bank deposit or cheque on the last day of each month.

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